Stop Wasting Time When Doing Reviews and Branch Switches
Switching between branches during development can often be time-consuming, especially when you not only need to review your colleague's code but also test it. Bob keeps your build artifacts alive...
Supercharging your gRPC workflow
Supercharging your gRPC workflow
Learn how to simplify gRPC workflows and code generation by using a multi-language build tool. This article explores the benefits of reproducible builds and walks you through a simple example...
bobc - A Remote Cache for Bob
At Benchkram, we understand the importance of a reliable and efficient build system for software development. We are committed to making Bob an open-source build system that is not only...
What makes Bob a great Bazel alternative
A comparison between the multi-language build tools Bob and Bazel
Introducing the build platform
Introducing the build platform
Bob is a high-level build tool for multi-language projects, with the promise of “never having to build twice”. It has been working reliably on local machines for many projects, but...