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bobc - A Remote Cache for Bob
Published at 3/24/2023, 09:52 AM

At Benchkram, we understand the importance of a reliable and efficient build system for software development. We are committed to making Bob an open-source build system that is not only easy to use but also easy to understand. To help realize this vision, we are making the core functionality of our caching server open source.


bobc is a self-hostable, slimmed-down version of the bob.build platform that enables the storage and distribution of build artifacts across your development team and CI jobs. It leverages Bob's sandboxing and caching capabilities in order to provide a team-wide store for your build artifacts, speeding up CI jobs and reducing the time it takes to bootstrap entire projects to just a few seconds.

By making the core of bob.build open source, companies and individuals can now evaluate bob and its remote functionality on their own infrastructure, improving the performance of their builds both locally and on CI with complete transparency regarding the implementation. Additionally, they can contribute to the development of features for bobc, or improve the interoperability and user experience between bobc, the bob.build platform, and bob.

Interested in learning more or delving into the code? Check out the project on GitHub!

Ready, Set, Go! Start building your multi-language app with Bob.

Download Bob | Join the Open Beta (A hosted remote cache for your Team)