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Introducing the build platform
Introducing the build platform
Published at 11/24/2022, 11:32 AM

Bob is a high-level build tool for multi-language projects, with the promise of “never having to build twice”. It has been working reliably on local machines for many projects, but we always thought we could make it better, faster, stronger.

We have been hard at work realizing this goal - bringing remote caching capabilities to bob - and are excited to reveal our cloud solution to the world.

bob.build now offers a build platform for your projects, with a remote artifact cache and advanced access control. The remote cache brings in massive performance gains and less time spent running builds that have already been created on another machine.

What’s Next

We will continue to iterate on our promise of “never having to build twice” in the coming months, and add new exciting features to the build platform to boost the productivity for multi-language projects. Stay tuned.

Ready to get started?

Join our Open Beta and supercharge your local builds and CI pipelines by reusing artifacts from the remote cache.